Top 10 Electrical Magazines in India

A journal devoted to Electrical, Power, Energy, Lighting Products, Equipment, Materials, and Services

Four Square Media Pvt. Ltd. is one of the biggest publishers of business journals not only in Delhi but across the country. It was established in 1987 and printed its first journal ‘Tender World’ then.  Four Square Media is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which is currently publishing different industry-specific journals:99 Product Today, 99 Electronics World, 99 Electrical World, 99 Food & Processing, 99 Auto Flash, 99 Builder’s Choice, 99 Plast Print Pack,  99 Chemical & Pharma, 99 Lighting World & 99 Solar Age.


 99 Electrical World is one of the most fascinating business journals published by Four Square Media Private Limited. This monthly journal is committed to Electrical Power, Solar, Lighting Products, Accessories, Machinery, and Materials. We have seen that electrical machines and equipment are used widely to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and are in great demand. So it’s a great platform for selling, buying or dealing with electrical machinery (for power and energy), lighting products, equipment, materials, and services.

Through the 99 Electrical World, people can publicize their products around the country at suitable costs. It further aids in increasing the sales of a product. Advertising in this journal can help to expand dealers/distributors in unrecognized areas. 99electicalworld is the only business journal that gives your presence a different identity. It works as a marketing executive at very nominal charges. It also provides its services online on its website: 99Electrical World. The respected business journal aims the right business people at the right time in the right way.


The business newspaper covers more than 1500 products/materials, national and international electrical products, dealership/ distribution queries, latest market trends, buyers’ guidelines, business news, new technologies, forth-coming fairs/exhibitions and much more related to electrical, Power, Energy Products, Market, Industry & Business.99 Electrical World offers products such as transformers, cables or wires and many other electrical machinery and equipment.


One of the most salient features of the online journal is its inquiry panel. It allows the readers and the customers to question the journal about their doubts/inquiries and answers their questions. The B2B marketplace issues clients with best products and pricing options, locate suppliers for best commercial terms, locate complete detail about the buyers, flat global marketing any time of the year, economical option with higher penetration, and look for best quality products; terms and conditions; delivery time; continuous supplies, etc. .

The business journal provides a variety of subscription options as per the needs of the clients at very reasonable prices. It depends on various factors like the position of the banner, size, dimensions and time duration. You can stop anytime you feel like or demand the company according to the needs of your business. 99 Electrical World also supplies free business coupons for requirements, business proposals/offers, business page and for dealers/distributors inquiries and many more.  So go get yours immediately and don’t waste this great opportunity to get such an economical & effective media to advertise your product throughout India.

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