Top 10 Electrical Magazines in India

A journal devoted to Electrical, Power, Energy, Lighting Products, Equipment, Materials, and Services

Four Square Media Pvt. Ltd. is one of the biggest publishers of business journals not only in Delhi but across the country. It was established in 1987 and printed its first journal ‘Tender World’ then.  Four Square Media is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which is currently publishing different industry-specific journals:99 Product Today, 99 Electronics World, 99 Electrical World, 99 Food & Processing, 99 Auto Flash, 99 Builder’s Choice, 99 Plast Print Pack,  99 Chemical & Pharma, 99 Lighting World & 99 Solar Age.


 99 Electrical World is one of the most fascinating business journals published by Four Square Media Private Limited. This monthly journal is committed to Electrical Power, Solar, Lighting Products, Accessories, Machinery, and Materials. We have seen that electrical machines and equipment are used widely to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and are in great demand. So it’s a great platform for selling, buying or dealing with electrical machinery (for power and energy), lighting products, equipment, materials, and services.

Through the 99 Electrical World, people can publicize their products around the country at suitable costs. It further aids in increasing the sales of a product. Advertising in this journal can help to expand dealers/distributors in unrecognized areas. 99electicalworld is the only business journal that gives your presence a different identity. It works as a marketing executive at very nominal charges. It also provides its services online on its website: 99Electrical World. The respected business journal aims the right business people at the right time in the right way.


The business newspaper covers more than 1500 products/materials, national and international electrical products, dealership/ distribution queries, latest market trends, buyers’ guidelines, business news, new technologies, forth-coming fairs/exhibitions and much more related to electrical, Power, Energy Products, Market, Industry & Business.99 Electrical World offers products such as transformers, cables or wires and many other electrical machinery and equipment.


One of the most salient features of the online journal is its inquiry panel. It allows the readers and the customers to question the journal about their doubts/inquiries and answers their questions. The B2B marketplace issues clients with best products and pricing options, locate suppliers for best commercial terms, locate complete detail about the buyers, flat global marketing any time of the year, economical option with higher penetration, and look for best quality products; terms and conditions; delivery time; continuous supplies, etc. .

The business journal provides a variety of subscription options as per the needs of the clients at very reasonable prices. It depends on various factors like the position of the banner, size, dimensions and time duration. You can stop anytime you feel like or demand the company according to the needs of your business. 99 Electrical World also supplies free business coupons for requirements, business proposals/offers, business page and for dealers/distributors inquiries and many more.  So go get yours immediately and don’t waste this great opportunity to get such an economical & effective media to advertise your product throughout India.

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Most Various Companies has indeed come a long way & has become a highly reputable Manufacturers & a leading domestic suppliers & exporters of electrical goods. Where manufacturing unit is equipped with state-of the-art machines to provide the best quality.

We promote these webpages to our web portal and provide them buyers.

Our Listed Premium Companies :

Shree Krishna Electrical Corporation

All Tec Power Solutions

Ambit Switchgear Pvt. Ltd.

Bristol Industrial Electronics

Crystal Electric Co. Pvt. Ltd. etc.



Led Light Drivers, PCB


Premium Companies section consists the information of the Companies highly active in Electrical Industry and offering a broad assortment of Electrical Products/Equipment in demand.

Led Light Drivers, PCB, Bulbs, LED Drivers, Led Tunnel Light Housings, Cob Led Flood Light Housings, Flood Lights, Solar Led Street Lights, Led Down Lights, DC Lights, Led Lanterns, USB Chargers, Led Bulb Drivers, Led Flower Light Lens, Led Fixtures, Led Light Housings, Solar Circuits, SMD Leds, Led Tunnel Lights, AC Led Modules, Led AC Modules, Led Light MCPCB, Solar AC Circuits, Led Flood Light etc.

Premium Companies :

Victor Component Systems Pvt. Ltd. 

AR Electronics

Atlas Electricals

Cirkit Electro Components Pvt. Ltd.

Componix India




Power Electrical & Controls is committed to satisfy the customers by supplying the quality products in the brand name Indian Power as per customer’s specification. Our focus has increasingly broadened to embrace the sustainable development through quality products with full backing support for service after sale.Our Products are designed and supervised by a team of qualified engineers having more than 35 years of experience to provide best quality equipment leading to total customers satisfaction. We have more than 5000 installations around the country.

Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers, Distributors, Traders, Sellers etc. Using this portal, a business professional can submit his enquiry in order.

Anushree Electrical Engineers Pvt. Ltd.;Anil Rubber;Ames Impex Electricals Pvt. Ltd.;AEM Unicore Machinery;Balaji Power Automation


Digital Panel Meter

Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers, Distributors, Traders, Sellers

Premium Companies:

Cee Pee Electronics

Crown Electronic Systems

Karki Electronics


Super Engineering Works

More Products of Electrical

Industrial Components, Integrated Circuits, Transistors, Diodes, Connectors, Trimpots, LDR, Goli Buzzer, Resistor Network, Load Cell, Project Boards, RAXON AC Fan, RAXON DC Fans, Digital Panel Meter, DIP Switch, Robotic Components, Seven Segment Display, Dot Matrix, LCD Display, Crystal, Oscillators, Graphic LCD Display, Multilayer Capacitor, Bridge Rectifiers, SMD Integrated Circuits, Caster Wheels, RF Modules, PIR Modules, PIR Lens, Ultra Sonic Transmitter Receiver, Smoke Sensors, Motor Clamp, Motor Cabinets, Remote Cabinets, Side Shaft Motors, Joy Stick, Servomotors, Electronic Components,

Conversion Plug


Using this portal, a business professional can submit his inquiry in order to find his complementary business, materials or products that can help him growing his business entity. Hence, you can understand how important this portal can prove for an Electrical Entity.

Our Premium Companies

Loyal Electro Components

Touch Electrovision

Trishul Marketing


Mobile Chargers Market: A Good Move To Opt For

As these days, mobile phones have become an inseparable part of human lives. In order to organise many stuff or information, accessing e-mails, browsing, listening music, playing games and many more, the mobile phones are highly in use. Due to their portability feature, they are very easy to carry in pocket or hand as well. In India,  on an average, every second person has a smartphone in their hands. Hence they are minimalizing time or place boundation. No one can imagine performing above tasks in lack of a well-charged mobile phone. It comes with an inbuilt charge-able battery. Every phone is operated when it has sufficient power backup. The chargeable battery enables a phone user to charge it using a mobile phone charger. Let’s take a look at Mobile Charger Market!
The Global Mobile Phone Chargers Market 2018 showcases the latest trends within the international and local market on all important aspects; valuable facts and figures, opinions from the industry analyst, necessary aspects with overall outlook of the entire market including technology, supplies, capacity, production, profit, price and competition with holistic read of the business from a worldwide position.
A recent study on mobile chargers markets shows “In the upcoming years, the worldwide Mobile Phone Chargers Market is expected to reach an estimated xx.xx Million USD by 2023, rising at x.x% CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate). The mobile phone charges market offers immense growth opportunities across developing as well as developed economies.
Hence, investing in this industry can be a profitable and secure business move. If you have the fundamental know-how of this industry and looking for enhancing your knowledge related to this field then would prove very fruitful for you.

Where can you purchase quality Electrical Accessories from?

Electrical Accessories have become a need of the age. As the new construction are spreading their wings very rapidly the demand of Electrical Accessories are raising in the same proportion. As a result, Electrical Accessories manufacturers, suppliers and vendors have also increased which make it difficult to select one of the best Electrical Accessories suppliers in this domain.

But considering some specific factors, you can find the best customized Aluminium Electrical Parts Manufacturers or Customized Copper Electrical Parts Suppliers who will disclose their high-standard and quirky electrical accessories range for you.  The major considerable factors are Quality-enrichment, Cost-effectiveness and State of the art products.

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Now the question arises that where can you buy these accessories from? Then we will help you with that as going through the further portion of this post you will get the reply of your question. You can find the top-notch electrical products and accessories from following places:

From that reputed store in your locality – You can order the electrical accessories from one of the best Electrical Accessories stores in your nearby market. It facilitates to visit and check the products you aspire to purchase.  

From the leading Supplier in your area– If you or your friend know the Electrical Accessories Suppliers possessing best quality electrical accessories then it would be the best option for you to purchase the electrical parts from him. He’ll give you the products at comparatively lesser prices than stores.

From an Online Store– These days the online purchase of products have become obvious and many online companies offer the quality products sourced from trusted Customized Copper Electrical Parts Suppliers. So, all you have to do is just research about such kind of online store on the internet and you can order the required electrical accessories from the search-resulted store.    

Why are Coaxial Cables Highly in demand these days?

Cables are basically a specific combination of two or more wires in the parallel form. The motive behind is to transfer higher amount of digital data in the form of signals at a single time. Commonly cables are shielded using the plastic sheath for the purpose of opposing the signal loss. One of the most advanced forms of the cables is Coaxial Cables. This is the result of advancements in the cable industry and is the latest cable in the market.

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These cables are considered ideal for transmitting a large amount of data signal in digital form from one place to another. It is highly shielded with the plastic sheath, therefore, you will experience 0% distortion in the signals.  This cable contains a solid inner conductor which is surrounded by a shield that is assurance of no signal distortion in this cable even when the cable is twisted or bent.

The coaxial cables are suitable for the audio, video, telephonic and computer devices. The reason is, all these devices require a large amount of data interpret for working efficiently. All these devices will perform better using this cable. In an audio device, you will get the good quality audio while in the case of a video device you will experience superior-quality audio & video.

There are basically two Coaxial Cables’ types; Coaxial Jelly Coaxial Cables & One or Two core Coaxial Cables.

How can you acquire them?

If you need Coaxial Cables in bulk then you have a large array of Coaxial Cables Manufacturers to choose from. First of all, research thoroughly about various manufacturers and and if find one of the quality Two Core Coaxial Cables Suppliers or Jelly Coaxial Cables Suppliers then you can order him the coaxials as per you need after checking the reviews posted on their sites by the former clients. Thus, you can buy the best Coaxial Cables at a reasonable cost in India.